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IEEE Security & Privacy Journal: Logging in the Age of Web Services

  • IEEE Security & Privacy Journal: Service-Oriented Security Indications for Use

    Silver Bullet Security Interview with Gunnar Peterson

    SANS Webcast: Security for Web Services and SOA

    ebizQ Roundtable:SOA Security - The Real Deal or Much Ado About Nothing

    Web Services Security Checklist

    SOA Magazine Article: Security in SOA

    Training: SOA, Web Services, and XML Security Training

    OWASP Europe XML Security Gateway Evaluation Criteria Project

  • Security Architecture Blueprint - a strategic approach to enterprise security

  • IEEE S&P: A Metrics Framework to Drive Application Security Improvement by Elizabeth Nichols and Gunnar Peterson (March 2007)

  • Build Security In: Security Concepts, Challenges, and Design Considerations for Web Services Integration

  • IEEE Security & Privacy Journal: Defining Misuse in the Development Process by Gunnar Peterson (December 2006)

    IEEE Security & Privacy Journal: Intro To Identity Management Risk Metrics by Gunnar Peterson (July 2006)

    Pragmatic Speculation (...or, what the @#%# is a Technical Use Case?) by Patrick Christiansen (July 2006)

    Top Ten Information Security Considerations in Use Case Modeling by Gunnar Peterson (June 2005)

    The below articles were originally published in the Information Security Bulletin.

    Service Oriented Security Architecture (January 2006)

    Collaboration in a Secure Development Process (June 2004), by Gunnar Peterson: 3 part series on collaboration between security and development in the enterprise software development lifecycle.

    Collaboration in a Secure Development Process Part 1: approaching security in the Analysis Phase
    Collaboration in a Secure Development Process Part 2 : elaborating security in the Design Phase
    Collaboration in a Secure Development Process Part 3 : security in the Coding and Deployment Phases

    Component Security Design Considerations (May, June, July 2002)
    By Gunnar Peterson, CTO, Arctec Group

    This series of articles examines key architectural design considerations for sec urity in Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Microsoft's .Net component framewo rk.
    In order to view the articles, it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this already, you can download it for free.

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